About Raudhah City

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Every parent wants the best learning environment for their children. After all, children are the greatest assets and responsibilities of parents in this world. For many parents, this quest begins with choosing of the right school and the right community to reside in.

The right education, the right environment and at the right time, Brainy Bunch International Islamic Montessori’s learning community has grown to more than 2,600 students and 5,000 parents, supported by 270 teaching specialists.  From only 1 pre-school campus, Brainy Bunch has expanded to 38 pre-school campuses within 36 months.

This year Brainy Bunch continued expanding their learning realm with the opening of the first Brainy Bunch Elementary Islamic Montessori School in Selangor, Malaysia and began their international expansion of pre-school campus development into India and Middle East markets. These two markets alone have over 50 million combined children’s population between ages 2-6 years old, representing huge growth opportunities for the company as well as for investors.

In 2014, this aggressive growth momentum is expected to continue with the expansion of existing campuses and opening of 30 new pre-school campuses throughout Malaysia, including Sabah & Sarawak – with an estimate student population of 7,000, to be supported by 700 teaching specialists.

In addition, the company is looking towards expanding their existing market presence in India and the opening of new international markets in such places as Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and perhaps the United Kingdom. Brainy Bunch is indeed encouraged, committed to grow and to serve the educational needs of the great Islamic Montessori learning community.

Therefore, embarking on development of Raudhah City is a natural extension of their Islamic Montessori Learning Community. It will not just be a home for an integrated Brainy Bunch pre-school, elementary and secondary Islamic Montessori permanent campus, but it will also be a home for the lifelong learning community of 2,000 Brainy Bunch families and their eco-partners. InsyaAllah!