Jari'ah Donors

The best and easiest way to become our partner and get involved is by giving sincere monthly or quarterly cash donation to Raudhah City Foundation. Donors information will be kept private and confidential.

All cash donations will be managed as Jari’ah Endowment fund. The Foundation Trustees will appoint reputable and syari’ah compliant investment fund management companies to manage the endowment fund in order to generate a stable passive income.

Income from the Jari’ah Endowment Fund will be solely to fund public facilities such development and maintenance of Raudhah City Mosques,Raudhah City Orphanage Homes, Educational Scholarships, Community Outreach programs and other charity programs as espoused by Islam.

The incorporation, management and operating expense of the Foundation will be borned by Raudhah City Sdn. Bhd. as our Jari’ah contribution. So every dollar donated will be going into the Endowment Fund in full.

In addition to promoting Corporate Jari’ah programs amongst Islamic-owned commercial enterprises, Raudhah City Sdn. Bhd. pledges to donate 2.5% of its annual operating profit to the Raudhah City Foundation.