Eco-partners / Business Owners

As Islamic teaching points towards entrepreneurship and business ownerships as 90% source of wealth, it is our prime objective to attract a dynamic and vibrant Islamic business community to our city.

At the same time, the city mall is also open to Non-Muslim business owners that wish to offer goods and services in accordance to Islamic business principles i.e. the prohibition of cigarettes smoking, pork consumption, alcohol consumption, gambling, massage parlors, discotheques, mixed cinemas, prostitutions and etc.

We are looking to attract business operating, but not limited to, in the following areas:

  • Islamic Specialist Hospitals
  • Islamic Hotels & Wedding Banquet Operators
  • Islamic Vocational Institutes & Universities
  • Islamic City Square/Mall Operators
  • Islamic Fashion/Boutique Owners
  • Islamic Restaurant/Food Court Owners
  • Islamic Water Theme Parks
  • Islamic Cemetery Park Manager

If your business is not listed above, kindly submit your interest to operate in Raudhah City via

We will consider and accommodate all interest. InsyaAllah!

To register your interest click here