Technology Companies

As we look forward to build an Islamic Montessori learning community and low carbon footprint townships enabled with the latest urban innovation that can greatly improve residents’ quality of life, promote energy efficiency, self sufficiency in food production, water conservation and most importantly minimize wastage in all areas– we search for technology partners that share our passion and aspirations.

We are looking to partner with technology companies operating, but not limited to, in the following areas:

  • City Broadband & Communication Technologies
  • Healthy Food Production Technology
  • Building Management Systems
  • Aquaculture Technology
  • LED Lighting Technologies
  • City Command & Data Centers
  • PV Solar Technologies
  • Urban Innovation – Green Building, Green Energy, Green Transportation
  • Vacuum Waste Management
  • Digital Advertising Display Technology – Indoor & Outdoor
  • Electronic Vehicles – Buses, Patrol Cars

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