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  • Below RM10000 Above RM10000 Above RM20000 Above RM30000
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  • 1st home ownership Upgrading from current residence Property Investment
  • A Modern Townhouse (from RM 600k,>1600 sq ft) A 2 storey Link House (from RM800k,>2000 sq ft) A 3 storey semi detached (from RM2M,>3000 sq ft) A 3 story Resort bungalow (from 3M,>4000 sq ft) A Multi Generation Home(from 4M,> 5000 sq ft)
  • 3 bedrooms/ 2 bathrooms, Standard (from RM380k, 900 sq ft) 3 bedrooms/3 bathrooms, Superior (from RM600k, 1200 sq ft) 4 bedrooms/ 3 bathrooms deluxe (from RM800k,1600 sq ft) 5 bedrooms/ 4 bathrooms, luxury (from RM 1M, 2400 sq ft)
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